I went to bed at 02:00h ... knewing that the alarm will wake us all up at 03:30h in the night. We decided yesterday to leave Cuxhaven at the high tide (+02:00h
at 04:00h o'clock in the night, dark and cold ... with a wind force of 5-7 from behind and the flood pushing us also from behind. I was very curious getting into action and sailing maneuvers ... after we spend 3 days and 3 night in the port of Cuxhaven ... and the few days before were also boring. But we had more action than we expected. The sea was kinda rough, cold, rainy and the waves were ... lets say "challenging". Not for the boat, but for my stomach.
We also managed to _hit_ one of the big, red, flashing buoys ... we couldn't determine the distance to the buoys' light at night ... and so it suddenly appeared directly besides the ship ... and the strong wind along with the current from the flood pushed the ship directly into it ... kissing it with our back. Our captain decided to sail back to Cuxhaven to inspect the ship's outer hull. In the meantime it was getting dawn and then we saw that the ship's hull had a little crack in the hull ... our luck that it is _over_ the waterline. But since we were in a rough sea, strong wind, high waves ... there was water penetrating the ship slightly. More bad luck, the Bilge-pumps didn't work, although we checked them before hand. But since our "mechanic" left the Boat to catch his appointments, we were on our own. We didn't manage to get that pumps to work and the water beneath the floor panels was rising ... and on strong waves from the sides, it squirtet through the floor already. So we instantly got the electrical emergency pump to work ... and finally managed to pump the Water out of the ship. Curiously I wasn't afraid a single moment =8
And the expensive "day pack" from Jack Wolfskin is now worth its money by saving all my electronics stuff, because it is water-proof
But afterwards I had another new ... and kinda exciting experience. I had a bad sea sickness. While I'm on deck, everything is fine, regardless of the waves. But when I go under deck, I'm getting very bad nearly instantly. But I _wanted_ to try it, because I had the need to visit the toilet since _hours_. So I tried it. I first went into my Cabin and grabbed my sea sickness chewing gums. Then I wanted to go to the toilet in the next door. But I realised that I couldn't manage it. So I went on deck as fast as I could ... hoping it would get better, at the fresh air again, seeing the horizon. Then perhaps to take one of the chewing gum treatments. But instead I had a deeeeeeep look over the reeling ... "feeding the fishes", like we call it ;
I always __hated__ to vomit. There was __nothing__ worse in my life than vomiting ... and the years ago I did _everything_ to avoid it. I used to say: "you can amputate my arm, but please, don't let me vomit !!". But this time it was ... different. Sure it was an awkward experience ... but it felt very good and freeing afterwards. And the sea sickness was blown away instantly =8
Puuuuunh, that was a really nice puke *lol* But I hope nontheless that I don't need to repeat this experience ... means I hope not to get sea sick every time we encounter high waves ... because there are _lots_ of them on the ocean
We arrived safely at the known harbour of Cuxhaven. Calmed down. Thanked our captain for his coolness ... and planned further steps. I took sÀome pictures of the damage, Phil (our skipper and owner of the "Jane"
did lots of phone calls ... asking two known ship-builders for their advice. Then asked two local ship-builders to come and inspect the ship to appraise the damage and name the estimated repair costs. While this was happening, I lend me a bike and went to a cybercafe to mail the camera images of the damage to the two known ship builders of Phil's relatives.
Back at the ship again. Two of the crew were already sleeping ... and also the rest of us were really tired. I went to sleep as well.
Woke up ... and although not everyone was up again, I started to cook one of my favorites: Palaak Paneer *jummy* ... this is an indian spinach curry with tomatoes and fried cheese. But instead of the indian "Paneer" I use most of the time the greek "grill-cheese" named "Haloumi" ... _so_ delicious. The rice won't boil well ... it burned a little bit ... but it was still eatable =8
I miss my rice cooking machine *sigh* But the Palak-Paneer itself was very delicious. And the moment the food was ready on the table, everyone was awake because of the good smell ;
This meal kinda revived the energies of the whole crew. And there's enough rice left to frie it tomorrow with vegetables or something like that.

But now we are stuck here in Cuxhaven ... again *sigh* for at least a few days. So we will have enough spare time. Perhaps I will visit some friends nearby ... Hamburg or Bremen, not decided yet. Or I'll stay on the boat, chill out, watch some movies, go to some pubs, visit the local cinemas (very small ones *g*
... but Cuxhaven is a really small village, although it's kinda big. There is very scarce infrastructure and nearly nothing to have fun here. Towns like this always reminds me on the damn good infrastructure we have in Konstanz, my beloved hometown

5.11.07 13:53

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