The "Zoll" woke us up this morning. They checked our "fuel" ... but we just had ordinary Diesel ... so nothing to be afraid of.
Nice weather ... cloudy but nice. We had to sail back a bit to bunker Diesel, since they don't sell any at the entrance to the "Nord-Ostsee-Kanal" in Kiel. Found a small and nice harbor for smaller ships. Bunkered 300 liters of Diesel. More than enough to get through the Kanal. We hope that we can get cheaper Diesel in the Netherlands. Here in good 'ol Germany, Diesel for private ships costs about ¬ 1,25+ ... for "business"-ships it's only ¬ 0,49 !!! So we are thinking about to found a small Tourist-Sailing company to get the cheaper price for Diesel
Still waiting to get inside the canal through the lock ("Schleuse".
Sailing is about pacience.
After a warship entered the lock, while the lights were still blinking red, we are now allowed to enter it, too ... _behind_ that warship, of course.
Made some  funny pictures ... the soldiers on that warship ... all licking icecream
We are through the lock now ... finally !! But no good wind to hoist the sails ("Segel hissen".
Sailing on a canal is __boring__ ... no wind, nothing exciting to see ... just head straight ahead. Since there was nothing to do, I went to my cabin ... wrote some e-mails ... letting my thoughts wander around ... meditated a bit. Fell into sleep =8)
I discovered something unusual: when I lay on my _really_ tiny bed in the cabin and the diesel is running while I'm good packed in my sleeping bag ... everything is warm and soft ... I quickly fall into sleep. The warmth, the softness, the vibrations of the ship's engine and the soft swinging of the water is like a big and strong, beautifull lullaby. It reminds me of  our annual journeys to southern spain in the vacations. My dad used to drive through most of the night. I had a soft sheep-fur on the back of the car, my warm and soft sleeping clothes ... and so I quickly fell asleep ... while the car engine was running. Beautifull and peacefull memories of my childhood. And it's _very_ nice to have the same effect here on the ship ... especially when it _is_ boring

5.11.07 13:47

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