Took a good, hot shower in the morning. Another shopping day ... this time tons of food and stuff for the whole crew. Took the whole day, too ;
In the evening I went the long way to the "Expert" electronics store on an old, crappy bike. Bought me an external, 2,5", 160GB USB Harddrive, so that I don't need 220V, which is only available in harbours, to access my data, 'cause they are powered by the USB-Bus. Nice piece of Hardware *smiling.happily*
After I biked the whole long way back, I visited a cybercafe to check my emails. I expected some scanned pictures from two cooking-books with indian food ... jummy
Since I have to pay for an whole hour, even if i just need 5 minutes to pop my mails, I decided to start a recherche for the sailing-ship-caravan over the atlantic ocean to the "Intergalactical Rainbow Gathering" in Mexico ... and FOUND IT *smile* Send an E-Mail to the crew and got a phone call from their captain and initiator immediately. Had a nice chat and we hope meet each other ... on the canary islands latest.

5.11.07 13:52

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