2007-10-14, Sunday:

I wanted to visit "Inga" in Bremen, a nice girl I met on the Rainbow-Gathering ... but as I went to the main train station, I realized that I forgot my portemonaie. So I managed to miss my train to Bremen. I called her and we decided to meet next week some day.
On the sea again. We just drove out of the "safe" harbour of Cuxhaven and are sailing now to a ship-builder on his dry dock ("Trockendock") to inspect the whole damage and to start the repairs tomorrow. So it's going to be a short sailing trip today =8
But it feels nice to be on the water again.
Funny thing: this morning I experienced the first time that the mainland was _swinging_ under my feet and I had the feeling to be on the sea with some nice, little waves ... but I was sitting on a toilet on the mainland *lol*
We docked at the shipyard where we will be pulled on dryland tomorrow.
Since there's a "Fish-Market" (nope, they don't sell fish there, it's more like a fair or something ... in other german areas they also call it "Pferdemarkt" - horse-market or "Freimarkt" - free market) I decided to have walk over there, sightseeing and shopping ;
I bought a razor-knife ... _damn_ are these things sharp !!! Also a "sharpening-leather" for the razor-knife, a glass nail-"Feile", some batteries, a missing audio-adapter, fresh bread *jummy*, a fresh "Berliner" *more.jummy* ... and ton's of fruit for cheap money =8)
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