2007-10-15, Monday:

We drove into the "Slip-Machine" to get the "Jane" out of the water. About 8 people were necessary to manage this. I believed that I understoood a little of the "ship language" or sailor's jargon by now ... but there, at the ship-builder's dry dock, they shoutet orders I couldn't understand. But amazingly there were people jumping around, tieing and untieing ropes to different positions ... doing whatever the chief of the dry deck shoutet around
Took a few photo's.
The dock's worker's had a first look at our damage. It was revealed, that the marine propelling screw ("Schiffs-Schraube") took damage, too. But for now they have closing time ("Feierabend"). I managed them to get us 220V power for our living-stuff.
They gave us a water based high-preassure cleaning machine with a water preassure power of 10 Bar's ... hell, that rocks !!! We also used it to clean the big pot where the rice was burned in a few days ago ... and even with a steel sponge we didn't manage to get it clean =8( But _this_ machine did most of the job ;
I ordered such a machine for "kitchen purposes" at our captain *lol*
We changed clothes ... waterproof shoes, jacket and trousers ... and got to work. It took Phil and me about 3 hours to clean the whole boat ... well, at least the hull beneath the waterline. There were ton's of small mussels ("Muscheln") all over the hull ("Rumpf") ... everywhere where metal was, they were sitting ... very strong. And because of the high preasure of the cleaning machine, they flew _everywhere_ around. Andreas gave us a diving goggles and I also putted on the built-in hat of my waterproof jacket. Phil didn't ... *harhar* !! He looked like he was given birth by a monstrous sea kraken ... and we both smelled kinda that, too *lol*
The wooden hull was in a _very_ good shape ... besides our litle leak over the waterline from the collision with the buoy.
Smutje again =8
Since Andreas "Shakti" washed our green beans and some potatoes, because the beans had to be done, but he hasn't a plan what to cook out of it, I decided to cook us an indian style bean-potato-curry *JUMMY* ! I _love_ to cook ... finally again. I _really_ missed it, since I quited my appartment mid March this year.
Went to the cinema. They sreened "Operation: Kingdom". Nice political background-story, but too much of the "USA as hero of the world" kinda style. In this case the "glory", omnipotent FBI. But the "intro" of that movie was kinda astonishing.
We still live in the Jane, although it's kinda sloping ("Schräglage/abschüssig").
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