2007-10-16, Tuesday:

I went to the "kuku ruku" ... the nearby and cheapest Cybercafe in town. Still EUR 1 per hour internet-surfing *sigh*. I looked for an update-possibility for our GPS-card-plotter, because it didn't accept our data-chip for this sea-region. There _is_ the possibility for an update, but it seems that we have to "buy" it for about EUR 150 ?!! Pirates ... really. Every other Hardware I know is updateable by the user himsellf via an download from the manufactorer's website ... _without_ being charged !!
I fetched the latest e-mails to my tiny, shiny laptop. Wrote a short mail but with about 20 MB of pictures attached to the crew from "Migrobirdo" ... they wanted to start their sailing trip ... well ... this evening =8)
I think we will meet in a few days ... and I'm curious meeting their crew of seven people !
Also I searched for a hitch-hike from here to Berlin tomorrow or Thursday for Diddi.
And I _enjoyed_ it being online via ICQ again ... after such a long time. Had some nice chat's with old and long-time-no-see friends. I love you all =8)
Just wandered around the city a bit ... took the new programs of the three cinema's (just _one_ cinema in my hometown is _far_ bigger than these three together !!
and went to a "self-bakery" ... short before they closed. Got a _very_ good deal: 2for1 ... and after I bought everything they had for this deal, I got an additional thing for free =8)
Went "home" with about 3 Kg of bread and sweet stuff for about 6 Euro's ... that's very cheap ! And everybody loved me for bringing in the sweet stuff *gg*
Andreas "Shakti" was Smutje today. He's a truely master of recycling the surplus "rice from yesterday" =8) Very delicious.
We had a serious but needed conversation. The captain and the crew decided to "uninvite" Diddi from the crew and the ship. He just didn't manage to blend in. It was kinda difficult with him. I like him, although he verbally and mentally attacked me a few days ago ... projecting all of his own fears and problems and anger on me. But that was not the reason. He just talks too much, forcing to much attention from everyone. And sometimes also very disrespectfull ... even to the captain.
As I'm still writing these lines, he seems to try to convince the captain to let him stay ... and I'm still expect him to explode in some way. Don't know what, when or how ... just have the feeling that a big bang is coming. But we have made our choice ... and there's no other way for all of us.
Tomorrow two other crewmembers will leave us ... but just for a few days. So we are just 4 people then. And I will also leave for 1 to 3 days ... depends on my two hosts I wanna visit ... in Bremen and ... hopefully ... in Hamburg
Would be _very_ nice to see the sweet leprechaun "Nirmala" again *sigh*, before we hoist our sails again and head into the warm south.
My "Glücksdrache" from Berlin reminded me today of my missing meditation and Reiki. But I realised that I'm far more centered and meditating "in every single moment" than ever before. I do things much more concentrated and focussed than I used to do. And I'm taking my time and space to give Reiki to my meals, regardless of the speeches around me or the looks or the thoughts of the other's over my behaviour while I'm doing this. I FINALLY found that place inside myself to do it ... even if I'm the only one praying at the table. But till now everyone accepted it as a part of me ... and so did I
I'm _very_ happy for this ... and kinda proud to myself. It took me three and a half years to find the proper importance for that in my life. I bet I'd never found that place when I'd still be working 40 to 60 hours a week in front of computers.
Hmmmmm ... the "tenth prophecy of celestine" falled on my foot ... again. So I'm gonna read a bit more in it now.
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