2007-10-21, Sunday:

Went to Bremen via train. 17,20 Euro  for the 90 minutes ride ... approx. 100Km. Bandits. No wonder there're still so many car's out there when public transportation is that expensive !!
Anyway, I arrived at the main station in Bremen and was welcomed very heartly by Inga, a nice hippie-girl I met at the Rainbow-Gathering in Thüringen last Month. Directly at the main train station was a huge "Freimarkt" ... a big, big fair. So much noise and screaming people ... so many smells from the dozens over dozens of snack-bar's. We giggled over "demophobia" ... because we both know it *sigh* Shopping-Mall's and folk festivals/big fairs ("Volksfeste" ... bad things for my phobia *lol*
We took a good walk to and through the citizen's park (Bremer "Bürger-Park", a vey beautiful park. Went back to the Freimarkt again and bought something nice to eat. But we were both happy that we decided to leave the fair with our food and enjoy it on a nearby park.
Went to her home by Bus, she showed me her living-community of 10 people. We talked for hours until we got hungry again. Cooked something small and delicious, just Spaghetti with Pesto on a delicious, selfmade tomatoe gravy. For dessert I opened the chocolate I brought all the long way to Bremen. It turned out to be a very intensive and tasty chocolate ... I named it "orgasm-chocolate"
To EVERYONE who _loves_ chocolate: try Lindt's new masterpieces: Mango with Cayenne, Papaya with Chilli, Maracuja with Jalapeño and Granatapfel with Chilli ... JUMMY !!! They are kinda expensive ... but worth _every_ Cent !! I _love_ it. I tasted just a tiny piece of it and fall on the floor, moaning out loudly *LOL*
Afterwards I gave Inga a hole Reiki-treatment. Very intensive for her, although she does Reiki by herself everyday. Talked about our experiences and impressions for this treatment. She gave me a Shiatsu treatment in return. Also very interesting. Late ... very late. Went sleeping.

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